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League Establishes Strategic Goals for 2017

November 14, 2016
Approximately 107 leaders of the League of California Cities’ divisions, departments, policy committees, diversity groups and board of directors meet in Newport Beach on Nov. 10 – 11 and participated in an interactive workshop to develop and set the League’s 2017 strategic goals.
The workshop involved city officials from throughout California and built on the success of prior years while developing a guide for 2017 as well.
The adopted goals are as follows:
  1. Increase Funding for Critical Transportation and Water Infrastructure. Provide additional state and federal funding and local financing tools — such as reducing the vote threshold for local initiatives — to support California’s economy, transportation (streets, bridges, trade corridors, active transportation and transit) and water related needs (supply, sewer, storm water, flood control, beach erosion, etc.) including maintenance and construction. Support appropriate streamlining of storm water regulations and CEQA to avoid duplication and reduce litigation.
  2. Develop Realistic Responses to the Homeless Crisis. Increase state and federal funding and support to provide additional shelter and services to California’s homeless, and advance the recommendations of the CSAC-League Homelessness Task Force. 
  3. Improve the Affordability of Workforce Housing and Secure Additional Funds for Affordable Housing. Increase state and federal financial support, reduce regulatory barriers, and provide additional incentives and local financial tools to address the affordability of workforce housing and increase the availability of affordable housing.
  4. Address Public Safety Impacts of Reduced Sentencing Laws, Protect Local Priorities in the Implementation of AUMA, and Preserve City Rights to Deliver Emergency Medical Services. Provide tools and resources cities need to respond to recent changes in statewide criminal sentencing policies. Protect local priorities during development of regulations and legislation to implement the Adult Use of Marijuana Act. In addition, continue to preserve city rights to deliver emergency medical services (Health and Safety Code 1797.201). 
Previous years’ goals are available on the League’s website at www.cacities.org/priorities.

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