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CALTRUST Announces Government Money Market Fund

February 3, 2016
CALTRUST recently announced the launch and initial funding of the CalTRUST Government Money Market Fund (MMF).
The CalTRUST Government MMF is a stable-value (fixed $1 share price) investment option available to all California local agency investors.

The new CalTRUST Government MMF gives local agency investors:
  • A stable $1 NAV, with no redemption gates or fees;
  • Same-day access to your funds until 1 p.m. PT every business day;
  • “AAAm” and “Aaa-mf” ratings from S&P and Moody’s, respectively;
  • Highly competitive money market rates - with a current seven-day net yield of 0.16 percent, as of Jan. 11, 2016 — with over $32 billion in total assets;
  • Lowest available expense ratio in Select class shares; and
  • Full compliance with all provisions of Rule 2a-(7) governing SEC-registered MMFs. 
The CalTRUST Government MMF joins the existing CalTRUST fund line-up, which includes the CalTRUST Heritage MMF, the CalTRUST Short-Term Fund and the CalTRUST Medium-Term Fund. As is the case with these other CalTRUST funds, investors are not required to join the CalTRUST joint powers authority to invest in the Government MMF. More details on the CalTRUST Access Government MMF online.
For additional information about the CalTRUST funds please contact:
Norman Coppinger, League of California Cities                (916) 658-8277
Neil McCormick, California Special Districts Association (877) 924-2732
Laura Labanieh, CSAC Finance Corporation                   (916) 650-8186
Lyle Defenbaugh, Wells Fargo Asset Management         (916) 440-4890

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