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League of California Cities Launches Health Benefits Marketplace

Aug. 11 Informative Webinar Scheduled

August 3, 2016
The League this week announced a new tool available for its member cities — the League of California Cities Health Benefits Marketplace (HBM).
The HBM is designed to help cities address rising OPEB liabilities and healthcare costs by offering a variety of health benefit solutions for active employees and retirees on a user-friendly platform. This tool provides cities with a flexibility lacking in traditional group coverage medical plans by decoupling and unbundling active employee from retiree costs, which is key to reducing OPEB liabilities. Mark your calendars for a free informational webinar on Aug. 11.
After extensive studies by the City Managers Department about the growing unfunded OPEB liabilities of cities, the League board of directors acted decisively and approved the issuance of an RFP in 2015 for health insurance technology platform providers to host a new health benefits marketplace. After a competitive RFP process and guided by the city officials on a Health Insurance Exchange Advisory Committee, the League selected Connecture and Willis Towers Watson to provide and operate the League’s new Health Benefits Marketplace.
The HBM is a consumer-driven platform that gives options to active employees and retirees, letting them select the best coverage to meet their needs. Cities can choose from a variety of plan options from the best carriers in the state to offer their active employees, including HMO, PPO and consumer-directed plans. To reduce OPEB liabilities, cities can transition their retirees to the individual market through Willis Towers Watson’s OneExchange. The platform guides users through the process to select coverage that best suits their individual needs from more than 90 of the nation’s leading health insurance carriers. Eligible retirees also are able to maximize their coverage under the federal medicare program, helping lower costs for their former employer and themselves.
Informational Webinar Details
To help cities understand the HBM and how to take advantage of the active employee and retiree solutions the League, Connecture and Willis Towers Watson will host a free webinar on Thursday, Aug. 11 at 10a.m.
During this hour long webinar cities can learn how to:
  • Reduce OPEB liabilities for your city;
  • Choose the benefits that work best for your city’s needs;
  • Provide active employees and retirees more flexibility with their benefit options; and
  • Reduce administrative burden for internal benefits staff.
A question and answer session will follow the overview of the HBM.
Please register online.
To learn more about the League’s Health Benefits Marketplace visit www.cacitiesmarketplace.org.

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