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League of California Cities
Home > News > News Articles > 2015 > September > League Supports Governor’s Transportation Funding Framework
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League Supports Governor’s Transportation Funding Framework

Cities Need to Weigh in Quickly

September 4, 2015
As the legislative session entered its final week, Gov. Jerry Brown on Thursday released a proposed framework for a transportation deal that would bridge the divide between Democrats and Republicans.
The framework is built on ideas put forward by the Fix Our Roads Coalition and both legislative caucuses. It includes significant constitutional protections for new revenues, CEQA streamlining and Caltrans reforms.
The League’s officers were briefed prior to the public release of the proposed framework and agreed that it is consistent with the League’s approved transportation funding principles. The League released a press statement late Thursday afternoon in support.
The package would provide an annual amount of funding of $3.6 billion, and represents a significant step in addressing cities’ street maintenance needs, public transit needs and other priorities. One-half of the funding ($1.8 billion) would go to cities and counties for street maintenance, complete street projects, public transit and state-local partnership funding projects. Of this amount, $1.05 billion would be allocated by formula for local streets and roads maintenance, $525 million of which will go to cities each year based on population (new allocation estimates). An additional $100 million would be set aside for a complete streets competitive grant program. 
The revenue package required to fund this smaller program does not require a gas tax increase, but it is adjusted and indexed for inflation. The rest of the revenue proposal includes use of $500 in Cap-and-Trade revenues, $100 million in CalTrans efficiencies, $500 million from an 11 cent increase in the diesel tax indexed for inflation (to support the trade corridor enhancement program and other highway and road improvements) and $2 billion from a $65 per vehicle highway user fee. The entire package will cost Californian vehicle owners about $10/month, according to the Governor’s Administration. These same vehicle owners are paying an average of $762 a year to fix their vehicles due to poor road conditions.
Next Steps
With just one week until the legislative session adjourns, the Legislature must act quickly. City officials are encouraged to call and tweet their legislators to express support for the Governor’s framework. Sample tweets are below. Please add your city’s Twitter handle and also add your legislator’s twitter handle.
The League has also developed a sample letter of support for use by cities or individual elected officials.
Sample tweets:
  • .@CityofNAME supports @JerryBrownGov transportation funding framework @YourLegislator #FixCARoads #CaLeg
  • .@JerryBrownGov transportation framework will help @CityofNAME fix our streets @YourLegislator #FixCARoads #CaLeg
  • .@CityofNAME thanks @JerryBrownGov for his leadership on transportation funding @YourLegislator #FixCARoads #CaLeg
  • .@CityofNAME has shovel ready street projects and thanks @JerryBrownGov for transportation proposal @YourLegislator #FixCARoads #CaLeg 
In addition, the Fix Our Roads coalition continues the “Tweet Your Legislator” campaign.

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