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League of California Cities
Home > News > News Articles > 2015 > May > Assembly Budget Subcommittee Shelves ACA 1 Requiring Three-Day Print Rule
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Assembly Budget Subcommittee Shelves ACA 1 Requiring Three-Day Print Rule

May 8, 2015
Local government officials frequently hear a great deal about the benefits of transparency from the Legislature and are expected to comply with the Brown Act, Public Records Act and other laws.
However, the Assembly’s Budget Subcommittee #6 on Budget Process, Oversight and Program Evaluation action on Thursday, May 7 to dispose of Assembly Constitutional Amendment 1 (ACA 1) quietly by placing it a “suspense file” reveals a lack of Legislative interest in limiting their ability to take rapid and less-transparent legislative actions.

When presenting the measure, Assembly Republican Leader Kristin Olsen (R-Modesto) outlined the benefits of a three-day print rule, which included the obvious: time for legislators and the public to have a chance to be aware of the measure and understand potential impacts before voting. There are also exceptions in the measure to account for disasters declared by the Governor.
Organizations in support included the League, Common Cause and California Forward. League Senior Director for Legislative Affairs Dan Carrigg pointed out in his testimony the harm that had occurred to numerous cities though the passage of SB 89 of 2011, which swept local vehicle license fees in a matter of hours with no public hearing, causing significant harm to recently incorporated cities and cities that had annexed inhabited areas in reliance on those revenues. The League’s support letter is available online.
As the hearing concluded, the author mentioned that the bill had been referred to a total of four committees and questioned whether she would have the opportunity to have an actual vote on her bill; from the committee’s response it was not clear that she would. But all may not yet be over. This is a priority for the Assembly Republican Leader and there are no internal deadlines that apply to proposed constitutional amendments, so the discussion could emerge again as the session continues.
A sample letter is available on the League for cities wishing to support ACA 1.

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