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League of California Cities
Home > News > News Articles > 2015 > March > State Water Board Enacts Tougher Restrictions on Landscape Irrigation
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State Water Board Enacts Tougher Restrictions on Landscape Irrigation

March 17, 2015
With California in its fourth year of drought, today the State Water Resources Control Board passed the state’s most strict landscape watering restrictions in history.
The board’s 5-0 action requires all urban water agencies to limit outdoor watering. Urban water agencies would be required to activate plans that limit the number of days customers can water. Agencies lacking a contingency plan would impose a two day per week watering limit on customers. 

The new rules also prohibit people from watering landscaping when it rains and for another 48 hours after the precipitation stops. Restaurants and bars can only serve water upon customer request.
Statewide, urban water usage is about 20 percent of all water consumption. Landscaping uses approximately 70 percent of the water used in urban areas.
Water supplying agencies are required to monitor and report violations. Agencies are required to notify customers of excessive water usage due to leaks. Fines for violating these restrictions remain at $500 per infraction. Large water suppliers are required on a monthly basis to report water usage. 

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