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July 16 Webinar on How to Monetize City and County Telecom Assets

July 13, 2015
The California Statewide Communities Development Authority (CSCDA) is hosting a free one-hour webinar on July 16 on a new program that can help cities and counties monetize their telecom assets.
The League sponsors CSCDA.

The Municipal Telecom Market: How Local Governments are Seizing the Opportunity:
Date/Time: Thursday, July 16, 10-11 a.m.
  • Jon Penkower, managing director, CSCDA
  • Mark Widener, managing director, Jefferies LLC 
Register online.
Through Jefferies, CSCDA’s new program assists public agencies in identifying, measuring and valuing to monetize certain telecommunications related assets. In some cases these assets are unutilized or underutilized. The program focuses primarily on existing third party leases with cell carriers on government-owned infrastructure (towers, buildings, etc.) with the secondary benefit of identifying additional potential value from these assets.
Given the exponential growth in smartphone and tablet use, bandwidth needs are increasing at great rates and the demand is putting tremendous pressure on the telecommunication providers to expand networks. This has in turn pushed the value of existing telecommunication assets to all-time highs and fueled demand for new tower and alternative infrastructure needs for antenna placements.
Many states, cities, counties, and municipal utilities have developed communications infrastructure to support their own needs: public safety, 9-1-1, First Responder, SCADA, etc. In some cases, excess capacity on this infrastructure has been made available to telecommunication service providers and other third-parties for communications needs. These third-party leases are being purchased by tower companies for some of the highest valuations ever seen in the industry as the cell tower market continues to consolidate. In other cases, the excess capacity has not been made available to third parties and now provides the government owner significant future value waiting to be tapped.

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