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League of California Cities
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Legislative Transparency Bill Supported by League

ACA 1 would create 72-Hour Print Rule

April 24, 2015
The League took a support position this week on ACA 1 (Olsen), which would require legislation to be in print or posted online for at least 72 hours prior to a vote on its final passage in either legislative house.
This requirement would not apply to specified urgency bills to address a state of emergency declared by the Governor.
With a long history of advocating for transparency at all levels of government, the League has supported previous efforts to increase public accessibility to legislation by means of two proposed constitutional amendments in 2013, SCA 10 (Wolk) and ACA 4 (Olsen). These two measures contained similar provisions, requiring a bill to be in print or posted online for a certain time period, but ultimately never made it to the Governor’s desk.     
City officials, concerned with the process experienced with SB 89 (2011), a fast-moving measure that swept city vehicle license fees, strongly supported a resolution at the 2011 League’s General Assembly “calling for improved transparency in and public access to the proceedings of the California Legislature.” 
Providing a three-day window for the public to review bills in print or online is essential for the proper functioning of representative government. This is especially the case at the end of legislative sessions when measures are quickly being transformed with little or no notice to meet constitutional deadlines.
City officials are encouraged to send a support letter on ACA 1. The League’s support letter, as well as a sample support letter, is available on the League’s website

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