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League of California Cities
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California and Other State’s Economies Gain through Exports Says Federal Report

California Boasted 775,320 Export-Connected Jobs in 2014

April 17, 2015
American exports one of the most integral components to the U.S. economy as a whole and that of each of the 50 states.
The United States of Trade provides a comprehensive state-by-state analysis of how exports support domestic job creation. Released on Thursday, April 9 by U.S. Trade Representative Michael Froman and Secretary of Commerce Peny Pritzker, the report also details the number businesses selling their products overseas. An associated interactive map breaks down the data for each state along with small and medium business success stories from each state. The California economy, with the largest gross domestic product in the United States, is robust thanks in large part to the significant amount of products California-based businesses send to the global marketplace. 
For California, the interactive map summarizes the state’s 2013 key agricultural exports and the 2014 key manufacturing exports. Looking at the numbers it is very clear how critical exports are to the state’s robust economy:
  • $174.1 billion – value of goods exported in 2014, which is up 58 percent since 2004
  • 775,320 – number of U.S. jobs in California supported by goods exports in 2014
  • 75,175 – number of goods exporting companies in 2014
  • 95.8 percent – percentage of exporters in 2013 that were small- or medium-sized businesses 
Made in America exports, which support 11.7 million jobs nationwide, have been instrumental in the economic recovery. In fact, according to the White House, exports have increased 48 percent since 2009 at the bottom of the recession.
The President in his State of the Union in January outlined an economic initiative with the nation’s largest trade agenda in history, called the Trans-Pacific Partnership. Many mayors throughout the country, including from California, are supporting the trade agenda because of the significant benefits that would come to their communities. The President’s policy, which comprises 11 countries in the Asia Pacific, renegotiates NAFTA and adds stronger labor and environmental protections. It also takes into account the fact that there is a growing untapped marketplace with 95 percent of potential customers of U.S. goods not living in the U.S.

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