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League of California Cities
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Bills in Committee: April 27-May 1

Medical Marijuana Bills and Senate Transportation Proposal have April 28 Hearings; AB 1335 (Atkins) housing funding measure, to be Heard on April 29

April 24, 2015
Next week promises to be busy for the League and our member cities. A number of hot bills, including medical marijuana and the Senate transportation proposal, are up for their first legislative hearings on Tuesday.
Wednesday, the League welcomes hundreds of city officials to Sacramento for the annual Legislative Action Day for policy briefings and meetings with legislators and their staff in the Capitol. City officials will be talking with their legislators about city priorities including economic development, housing, transportation, medical marijuana and more.

Medical marijuana regulation will be the focus of the Assembly Business and Professions Committee when it meets Tuesday morning. Two bills are up AB 266 (Cooley), the League-sponsored medical marijuana regulatory framework measure that protects local control, public safety and public health through a duel licensing process and AB 34 (Bonta). The League has an oppose, unless amended position on AB 34, which proposes to put the regulation of medical marijuana under Alcoholic Beverage Control, and contains other provisions which could undermine local authority.
Tuesday afternoon the League will be testifying in support of SB 16 (Beall) in the Senate Transportation and Housing Committee. This is the Senate’s transportation funding proposal that would create a five year temporary revenue stream for California’s transportation system. Cities are urged to support this plan to provide much-needed funding to maintain and preserve all local roadways.
On Wednesday, Assembly Speaker Toni Atkins (D-San Diego) will present her AB 1335, which could generate up to $700 million annually for affordable housing, in the Assembly Housing and Community Development Committee.
A full listing of Senate and Assembly hearings is available online. Hearing times are subject to change.
Additional information about the important bills the League is tracking is available in the 2015 Hot and Priority Bill List. This list, first released on April 8, will be continually updated as bills are amended and change. Bill language and any available position letters on legislation can be found through the bill search function on the League’s website.
Monday, April 27
Assembly Committee on Transportation and Housing, 1:30 p.m., State Capitol, Room 4202 Tuesday, April 28
Assembly Committee on Business and Professions, 8:30 a.m., State Capitol, Room 447 Senate Committee on Transportation and Housing, 1:30 p.m., State Capitol, Room 4203 Wednesday, April 29
Assembly Committee on Veterans Affairs, 4 p.m., State Capitol, Room 126 Assembly Committee on Housing, Community and Economic Development, 9 a.m., State Capitol, Room 126 Assembly Committee on Jobs, Economic Development and the Economy, 1:30 p.m., State Capitol, Room 127

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