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Coalition of Business, Planning, Anti-Poverty, Affordable Housing, Local Government Groups Support AB 2280 (Alejo) Providing Cities with Redevelopment Option

September 25, 2014
An unlikely coalition has joined the League in calling on Gov. Jerry Brown to sign the tax increment financing and community economic development bill AB 2280 (Alejo).
The broad coalition comprises organizations that, more often than not, find themselves on opposite sides of the policy spectrum; such as business groups the California Chamber of Commerce and the California Business Properties Association, anti-poverty groups like the Western Center on Law & Poverty and affordable housing advocates such as the California Coalition for Rural Housing.   
AB 2280 would authorize local communities to create a new entity at the local level called a Community Revitalization Investment Authority (CRIA) that would provide a tool targeted for the revitalization of the most disadvantaged and poorest areas of our state.
Should the Governor sign AB 2280, local agencies would be provided a redevelopment option that can be used to address deteriorated conditions within neighborhoods and commercial areas and make investments leading increased employment opportunities, including reducing high crime rates, repairing deteriorated and inadequate infrastructure, and developing affordable housing. A CRIA would be empowered to invest the property tax increment of consenting local agencies (other than schools) to support public policies such as greenhouse gas reduction, increased transit usage and urban development.
While based upon former redevelopment law, AB 2280 is drafted more tightly and includes:
  • A tool truly focused on deteriorated and poorer areas;
  • Enhanced transparency and public accountability provisions;
  • An increased affordable housing set-aside of 25 percent; and
  • Authorization for a CRIA to receive state funds for “disadvantaged communities.” 
Recent Op-Ed’s by Author and American Planning Association, California Chapter Urge Signature
In a recent op-ed in the Santa Cruz Sentinel, Assembly Member Luis Alejo (D-Watsonville) urged Gov. Jerry Brown to sign his legislation, stating that “while several economic development proposals currently sit on the governor’s desk, AB 2280 is the only one that provides a redevelopment option that will support infill growth and fund affordable housing in our urban cores and rural parts of the state.”
Additionally, in a special to the Sacramento Bee, Brook Peterson, president of the American Planning Association’s California chapter (APA CA), and David Snow, vice president of APA CA policy and legislation, spoke about the beneficial impacts AB 2280 would have on urban city planning and development of disadvantaged and rural communities. According to Ms. Peterson and Mr. Snow, AB 2280 is “the right approach” and that “cities need redevelopment to provide viable options to greenfield development, to promote sustainable growth and regain the vitality of our urban areas.”
The League encourages city officials and interested stakeholders to take action on AB 2280 as soon as possible before the Governor’s bill signing deadline of Sept. 30.

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