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League Board Approves Water Bond Task Force Recommendations

May 2, 2014
The current California drought has resulted in the introduction of several legislative water bond proposals in addition to the $11.1 billion plan already on the November 2014 statewide ballot.
In response to these proposals, the League has taken several steps to ensure that city priorities are heard and represented during legislative negotiations between Gov. Jerry Brown and the Legislature.
League Adopts Water Bond Fund Resolution
In 2013 the League’s General Assembly passed a resolution during the Annual Conference and Expo calling on the Governor and Legislature to work with the League to address its adopted water policies. The resolution identified four critical water bond expenditure priorities:
  1. Water conservation;
  2. Ground water recharge;
  3. Stormwater capture and reuse/Clean Water Act Compliance; and
  4. Watershed restoration. 
The adoption of the water bond resolution, combined with significant interest and discussion about the pending water bonds at the January policy committee meetings, resulted in the formation of the League’s Water Bond Task Force. After several meetings and policy discussions, the Water Bond Task Force identified and submitted the following two additional funding priorities for the League board approval:
  1. Water storage (surface and subsurface) and associated conveyance; and
  2. Water recycling and reuse. 
The Water Bond Task Force also called for all bond funds to be continuously appropriated.  
The League board last week unanimously approved the Water Bond Task Force recommendations combined with the four priorities of the League’s water bond resolution. With the most recent board actions, the League will aggressively pursue the inclusion of the six adopted funding priorities in proposed water bond legislation as legislative negotiations ramp up in the coming months.

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