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ILG Offers Public Engagement and Technology Webinar and New Resources

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May 23, 2014
Most cities and counties make engaging the public a top priority, but there’s always room to enhance these programs.
Are you getting your feet wet with the use of technology and techniques like online public engagement? Or maybe you’ve been doing it a while but still haven’t gotten the results you were expecting. The Institute for Local Government is offering a webinar and new resources to help local agencies use technology to advance their public engagement efforts.
New Resources
  • Online Engagement Guide. There are significant benefits to looking at multiple methods to share and distribute information and obtain feedback. This guide outlines the wide range of technology options available to local officials that can be used to enhance public engagement.
  • Broadening Public Participation Using Online Engagement Tools. This paper provides local officials with a guide to both choosing and using software specifically designed to enable consulting with the public online.
The Technology, Tools and Techniques to Improve Public Engagement webinar is scheduled June 18 from 10 – 11 a.m. and will provide:
  • Ideas on how to use technology to get the word out and encourage more participation in the public engagement process;
  • Methods to coordinate digital engagement with in person meetings and more traditional forms of outreach to obtain more public ideas and input;
  • Tips on how to use this input to enhance local agency decision-making; and
  • Examples of cities and counties who are reaching and engaging new audiences.
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