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League Launches Online Legislative Take Action Tool

March 7, 2014
The League of California Cities is pleased to offer a new tool to its members that will help streamline the process of communicating your city’s support or opposition to League “hot’ bills” (legislation that holds significant impact on cities).
Starting today, League action alerts from the League’s regional public affairs managers will include a link to the League’s Take Action Center where a sample letter will be available for customization. Action alerts will still include a Word version of the letters but the goal is for city officials to find this new online tool an efficient alternative that helps get city letters out fast and to the right legislative offices.

The Frequently Asked Questions has a great deal of information about the new tool but below is a brief summary of the highlights:  
  • Letters are pre-addressed to where they need to go if the primary target is the author. Users can then select their Assembly member or senator to receive it as well. There are other options to cc colleagues or community contacts who may be interested that you are sending a letter on a certain issue. A copy of the letter is always sent to the person who sends the letter.
  • Areas of the letter that require customizing are in ALL CAPS. The system will not submit a letter if the ALL CAPS are not customized with your city name and issues or at least deleted.
  • City logos are pre-loaded in the system to be placed at the top of the letter. If your city’s logo is not in the system it can be easily uploaded or League staff can do it.
  • An optional feature exists to upload an electronic signature so that each letter is signed by a contact from your city.
  • Strict security measures are in place in the system including a spam guard and each letter is reviewed by the League prior to sending.
For questions or assistance, please contact your regional public affairs manager or Sam Caygill at (916) 658-8204.

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