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Interested in Serving on The League Board of Directors?

Special Election for Open At-Large Positions

December 18, 2014
The Executive Committee of the League of California Cities invites applications from elected officials interested in serving in one of three recently vacated at-large director positions on the board of directors. 
This unprecedented number of vacancies on the 49-member board arose from the recent election of one at-large director to the position of League second vice president, the election of another director to the NLC board of directors, and the end of the third at-large director’s city term of office.
The League board of directors consists of the League officers (president, first vice president, second vice president, and immediate past president), a representative from each of the League’s 16 divisions, a representative from each of the League’s 11 functional departments, the mayors or designees of the mayors of the 10 largest cities by population (listed as large city appointments), and 12 at-large positions, at least one of which shall be a small city representative (under 10,000 population). City officials serving on the National League of Cities board of directors also serve on the League of California Cities board of directors for the duration of their term on the National League board (two-year term). Travel expenses to attend League board meetings are reimbursed by the League.
The League board of directors typically meets on a quarterly basis at locations throughout the state and at the Annual Conference. Nominees are expected to make a commitment to attend all meetings.
The deadline for submission of applications is Midnight, Friday, Jan. 2, 2015. The Executive Committee of the board of directors will review all applications and informational materials and select a number of finalists to interview. All finalists will be asked to interview with the Executive Committee in person on Friday, Jan. 23, 2015 in Sacramento or such other location as is determined to be more convenient for the applicants.
The at-large finalists will be contacted by email with their interview time and interview location. Those at-large candidates who are not interviewed will be contacted with our regrets by both email and regular mail. Please note that your application for at-large director will be considered for this Special Election only. If you are interested in applying for at-large director or second vice president for the 2015-2016 board of directors, please submit an application again in March when the information and forms for the 2015-2016 application period will be announced.
At the Feb. 19-20, 2015 board meeting, the full board of directors will consider and make the final decision on the Executive Committee’s recommendations for filling the three at-large director positions.
If you are interested in submitting your application, please provide the information requested on the linked Application Form, and attach a bio/resume and letters of endorsement to the League’s Sacramento headquarters on or before Midnight, Friday, Jan. 2, 2015.
The Application Form also includes the position description for at-large director.
Please send applications to League staff Mimi Sharpe at (916) 658-8232 or msharpe@cacities.org. She is also available to answer any questions about the application process. 

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