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Superior Court Hears Cities’ Challenge to SB 7

August 29, 2014
On Thursday, Aug. 28, Judge Joel Wohlfeil heard oral argument in San Diego County Superior Court in the constitutional challenge to SB 7, which requires charter cities to pay prevailing wages on city-funded public construction projects.
The six cities challenging SB 7 argued that the law violates the constitutional rights of charter cities and is inconsistent with the California Supreme Court’s rulings in State Building & Construction Trades Council v. City of Vista and Sonoma County Organization of Public Employees v. County of Sonoma.

Despite an unfavorable tentative decision, the Court took over an hour of oral argument and ultimately took the case under submission. While the Court has 90 days in which to issue his final ruling and either confirm or modify the tentative ruling, it is expected that the Court will likely issue his decision sooner. Previous media reports that the Court had ruled against the cities were incorrect. The Court’s decision will not be made until he issues his final ruling.
The case is City of El Centro v. Lanier, Case No. 37-2014-00003824.

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