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Legislature Returns from Summer Recess; Upcoming Legislative Deadlines

August 1, 2014
On Monday, legislative business resumes as legislators return after the summer recess to conclude the 2013-14 Legislative Session.
Hundreds of bills, including several League priority and hot bills, require action before the Legislature adjourns on Aug. 31. Bills passed by the Legislature go to Gov. Jerry Brown for his signature or veto.

In the coming weeks, legislators must shepherd bills through the following series of upcoming key legislative deadlines prior to sign/veto consideration:
Aug. 15: Fiscal Committee Deadline
Last day for fiscal committees (Assembly or Senate Appropriations Committee) to meet and report bills requesting legislative appropriations to the Assembly or Senate floor.  
Aug. 18–Aug. 31: Floor Session Only
Legislative committees cannot meet for any purpose.
Aug. 22: Amendment Deadline
Last day to amend bills on the floor. This deadline is associated with the practice of “gut-and-amend,” when amendments remove the entire contents of a bill and insert new provisions, unrelated to the bill’s original intent, because it is used frequently right before or on this date. Bills gut-and-amended around this time are able to bypass the legislative process and appropriate oversight.     
Aug. 31: Final Adjournment
Last day for either house to pass bills. Final recess begins upon adjournment.
Sept. 30: Governor Bill Signing Deadline
The Governor has until Sept. 30 to sign or veto bills in his possession passed by the Legislature before by Aug. 21.
While deadlines are typically adhered to throughout the legislative session, deadlines near the end of session are viewed as more flexible by the Legislature. Special considerations and/or rule waivers may be granted that revive failed legislation or allow certain legislative committees to quickly meet and act before stakeholders or the public have a chance to review newly amended provisions.
The League closely monitors these legislative changes and will update members on significant progress either by Action Alert requests or via the League’s CA Cities Advocate

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