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League Priority/Hot Bill Status Update

August 25, 2014
The following list reflects the current standing of several priority bills of interest to the League after this week’s fiscal committee deadline.
Bill titles are hyperlinked to provide additional information on current bill status and find sample letters that cities can use. Please note, as the legislative session progresses, bills may be added/subtracted and positions are subject to change.
Bill # Author Subject Position Status Notes
SB 69
Roth Local government finance: property tax revenue allocation: vehicle license fee adjustments. Support Governor’s Desk HOT
SB 388
Lieu Public safety officers and firefighters: investigations and interrogations. Oppose Assembly Floor; concurrence HOT
SB 556 Padilla Nongovernmental entity uniform and logo display. Oppose Assembly Floor HOT
SB 1064 Hill Public Utilities Commission: railroads: natural gas pipelines: safety. Support Governor’s Desk  
SB 1077 DeSaulnier Vehicles: mileage-based fee pilot program. Support in Concept Assembly Floor  
SB 1129
Steinberg Redevelopment: successor agencies to redevelopment agencies. Support Assembly Floor HOT
SB 1168 Pavley Groundwater management. No Position Assembly Floor  
SB 1219 Torres Public employees’ retirement: service after retirement. Support Assembly Floor  
SB 1251 Huff California Public Employees' Pension Reform Act of 2013: joint powers authority: employees. Support Assembly Floor  
SB 1262
Correa Medical marijuana. Support/Co-sponsor Held; failed for the year HOT
SB 1319 Pavley Oil spills: oil spill prevention and response. Support Assembly Floor HOT
AB 47 Gatto Emergency services: hit-and-run incidents. Support Assembly Public Safety Committee Hearing date: Aug. 26
AB 52 Gatto Native Americans: California Environmental Quality Act. Removal of Concerns Senate Floor  
AB 280 Alejo Voting rights: preclearance. Oppose Held; failed for the year  
AB 388 Chesbro Juveniles. Support Assembly Floor  
AB 1147 Bonilla Massage therapy. Support Senate Floor HOT
AB 1399 Medina California New Markets Tax Credit. Support Senate Floor  
AB 1439 Salas Unfair business practices: contests and sweepstakes. Support Senate Floor  
AB 1450 Garcia Local government: redevelopment: revenues from property tax override rates. Support Senate Appropriations Committee HOT
Hearing date: TBD
AB 1521 Fox Local government finance: property tax revenue allocations: vehicle license fee adjustments. Support Governor’s Desk HOT
AB 1522 Gonzalez Employment: paid sick days. Oppose Senate Floor  
AB 1532 Gatto Vehicle: accidents. Support Governor’s Desk  
AB 1594 Williams Solid waste: recycling: diversions: green material. Neutral Senate Floor  
AB 1705 Williams Public contracts: payment. Oppose Governor’s Desk  
AB 1717
Perea Telecommunications: prepaid mobile telephony services: state surcharge and fees: local charges collection. No Position Senate Floor  
AB 1739 Dickinson Groundwater management. No Position Senate Floor  
AB 1839 Gatto California Film Tax Credit. Support Senate Floor HOT
AB 1999 Atkins Personal income and corporation taxes: credits: rehabilitation. Support Senate Floor  
AB 2052 Gonzalez Workers’ compensation. Oppose Assembly Floor; concurrence  
AB 2126 Bonta Collective bargaining: mediation. Oppose Senate Floor HOT
AB 2145 Bradford Electricity: community choice aggregation. Neutral Senate Floor  
AB 2188 Muratsuchi Solar energy: permits. Oppose Governor’s Desk HOT
AB 2280
Alejo Community Revitalization and Investment Authorities. Support Assembly Floor HOT
AB 2374 Mansoor Substance abuse: recovery and treatment services. Support Senate Floor  
AB 2378
Perea Workers' compensation: temporary disability payments. Oppose Governor’s Desk  
AB 2493 Bloom Redevelopment dissolution: housing projects: bond proceeds. Support Senate Floor HOT
AB 2577 Cooley Medi-Cal: ground emergency medical transportation services: supplemental reimbursement. Support/Sponsor Senate Floor HOT

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