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Assembly Approves Resolution Stating Opposition to “Outsourcing of Public Services and Assets

April 4, 2014
On Thursday morning, the Assembly approved House Resolution 29 stating its opposition to local public service outsourcing. The measure passed by a slim majority of 42-22 with 12 Democrats and one Republican abstaining. 
To pass the resolution, legislators sidestepped standard legislative procedure to fast-track the measure. On Wednesday, the Assembly Public Employees, Retirement and Social Security Committee passed the resolution by 5-1 following a spirited discussion with local government and business organizations on one side, and employee labor unions on the other.
Introduced by Assembly member Jimmy Gomez (D-Los Angeles), HR 29 could be viewed as an effort to get legislators on record on the issue in advance of future legislation. While supporters claim this measure is “non-binding,” it sets a tone and potentially opens the legislative door for future legislation undercutting local flexibility.   
Local governments have a long history of addressing service delivery challenges with creativity, self-reliance and innovation. The ability for local agencies to retain flexibility and options when making decisions over how to best provide public services to the community has never been more critical in a time of limited revenues and increasing costs.
What’s Next?
City officials are strongly encouraged to review the results of Thursday’s floor vote in order to identify how their Assembly member voted. The League encourages city officials to thank Assembly members that voted “NO” or abstained on HR 29 and have a conversation with those that voted “Yes” and convey the importance of retaining local flexibility. The League will continue to closely monitor any legislative efforts related to HR 29 and inform members immediately about any developments.

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