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Annual Conference Resolutions July 20-Submission Deadline Fast Approaching

New Resolution Process for 2013

June 28, 2013
The League’s Annual Conference is Sept. 18–20, but the deadline for resolution submission is only three weeks from tomorrow.
Bylaw changes related to the resolution process approved by the board in April require that any resolution must be submitted to the League with documentation that at least five or more cities, or city officials from at least five or more cities, have concurred in the resolution in order to be presented to the General Assembly. 
Policy development is an integral part of the League’s Annual Conference. While the principal means for determining League policy is through the League’s eight standing policy committees and the League board of directors, the organization also accepts Annual Conference Resolutions, which should address areas not already covered by League policy.
Annual Conference Resolutions may be introduced by individual city officials or cities, League departments, divisions, policy committees, the board of directors, or by petition. League policy adopted through an Annual Conference Resolution can be changed only by a subsequent Annual Conference Resolution, not by the board of directors.
The accompanying concurrence from five or more cities or city officials from at least five or more cities may be in the form of a letter from the supporting city or city official or name, title, city and signature of the city official in support on the resolution itself. The concurrences whether in the form of a letter or signature must submitted with the resolution by July 20 before midnight.
Resolutions should be addressed to:
League of California Cities
Attention: Meg Desmond
1400 K Street, Suite 400
Sacramento, CA 95814
Resolutions may also be emailed to Meg Desmond or faxed to (916) 658-8240.
Background on New Resolution Process
The membership voted to amend the League’s bylaws and require that resolutions submitted to the General Assembly be concurred on by five cities or by city officials from at least five or more cities. The votes were canvassed by the League board of directors at its April 25meeting. The amendment received the required two-thirds vote of the member cities voting, and this new requirement applies to resolutions submitted to the 2013 General Assembly. More information about guidelines for complying with this new requirement can be found on the League’s website .

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