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Two Transportation Bills Sent to Governor's Desk

Cities Encouraged to Submit Request Letters

August 2, 2013
Two transportation Assembly Bills – AB 61 (Gatto) and AB 443 (Lowenthal) – were sent to Gov. Jerry Brown on Thursday for his action. 
Passed by the legislature prior to the summer recess, both bills were withheld from the Governor’s desk until yesterday.  The Governor has twelve days now, until Aug. 13, to sign or veto the bills.  The League encourages cities to send Gov. Brown letters requesting his signature on AB 443 and veto on AB 61. Sample letters are available via the links below or on the League’s website.
AB 61 (Gatto): Parking: parking meters.
Prohibits local governments from enacting or establishing restrictions on inoperable parking meters until Jan. 1, 2017. This bill unnecessarily upends local authority to regulate parking meters, and negates an agreement made last year in SB 1388 (DeSaulnier).
League Position: Oppose.
AB 443 (Lowenthal): Vehicles: delinquent parking and traffic violations.
Eliminates a loophole used to avoid paying parking and toll citations by transferring the registration between family members, a transaction that is exempt from use tax, license fees, and smog requirements, while “washing” the title of delinquent citations.
League Position: Support.

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