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Assembly Resumes Work in Sacramento Before Senate Returns

The Lower House Will Reconvene Ahead of the Senate Due to Earlier Scheduling Differences

August 2, 2013
As reported earlier, the State Assembly will reconvene from summer recess this Monday, Aug. 5 while the Senate won’t return until Monday, Aug 12.
Recess scheduling disparities are not typical in the Legislature. As a result, several Capitol media outlets have speculated that underlying political issues and tensions are the cause. According to press statements from Democratic leaders who ultimately control the calendar, however, an agreement couldn’t be reached so each house simply chose their own summer recess schedule.

Upon return, Assembly members will begin to tackle hundreds of remaining bills prior to the Aug 16. policy committee deadline. Based on the current Assembly policy committee schedule, it appears the Assembly is holding off on hearing several hot topic bills, such as League-opposed SB 7 (Steinberg), until the Senate reconvenes the following Monday. This is most likely due to the fact that many Senators, with bills up in Assembly policy committees, will not be in Sacramento and therefore unable to properly present their bills. By waiting for the Senate to return, the Assembly will be under a major time crunch as they will only have one week to hear and report all remaining bills to the Assembly Appropriations Committee.  
In addition to different summer recess schedules, Senate and Assembly policy committee deadlines varied this year as well. The Senate deadline was back on July 12 – before the upper house recessed for its summer break. Once the Aug. 16 Assembly policy committee deadline passes, both houses will return to following the same legislative schedule.
Remaining Key Legislative Deadlines
Aug. 5 Assembly reconvenes from recess.
Aug. 12 Senate reconvenes from recess.
Aug. 16 Last day for Assembly policy committees to meet and report bills for floor vote.
Aug. 30 Last day for all fiscal committees to meet and report bills for floor vote.
Sept. 3-13 Floor session only. Only conference committees and Rules Committee permitted to meet during this time, unless a rule waiver is granted.
Sept. 6 Last day to amend bills on the floor without a rule waiver.
Sept. 13 Last day for each house to pass bills before Interim Recess begins.
Oct. 13 Last day for Governor Brown to sign/veto bills passed by the Legislature on or before Sept. 13. All legislation the Governor does not act upon automatically becomes law.  
Jan. 1, 2014 Non-urgency statutes take effect.
Jan. 6, 2014 Legislature reconvenes from interim recess to finish out its two-year legislative session.

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