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Cities for Workforce Health: League of California Cities Partners Program

February 1, 2013

A healthy, productive workforce is vital to your city’s success. When you improve employee health and wellness, you’ll see less absenteeism, reduced medical risks and increased productivity.


Less obvious improvements can be even more important: Presenteeism. Increased performance. Improved morale.

The League of California Cities is launching a workforce health initiative to support your efforts in building a culture of health at the workplace. The Cities for Workforce Health partner program, a partnership between the League, Kaiser Permanente, Keenan & Associates and the HEAL Cities Campaign, will provide cities with access to innovative and cost-effective resources and tools that will help your city implement effective workforce health programming. 

Whether you're new to workforce health or simply want to do more, you’ll have access to a rich set of services, tools, and resources, at no cost, located on the workforce health section of Kaiser Permanente’s BusinessNet, including step-by-step directions to build your program, a wealth of activities to inspire your employees to make healthy changes, and tools to measure your success. You’ll also be able to download a copy of “Healthy Employees, Healthy Business”, at no cost, to get practical guidance and information on implementing an effective wellness program.

Access to a series of educational workforce health webinars and one-on-one engagements with workforce health experts for select League cities will be additional components of the Cities for Workforce Health program. Additionally, the Partners Program Committee will offer five League cities each a $5,000 grant to use towards workforce health program implementation.

We can help you motivate and engage your employees in making healthy behavior changes. Visit the Cites for Workforce Health page at on the League’s website to find out more information about the program.


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