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Reminder: Ballots on League Bylaws Amendments due by April 19

April 8, 2013
On March 5, the League sent mail ballots to all member cities on two proposed amendments to the League’s bylaws. Ballots must be submitted to the League by April 19.
Ballots may be submitted by:
League of California Cities
Attn: Ballots
1400 K Street, Ste. 400
Sacramento, CA, 95814
Email: ballots@cacities.org
Fax: (916) 658-8240
If you have any questions, please contact Patrick Whitnell, General Counsel at (916) 658-8281.
The proposed amendments to the League’s bylaws would modify Article VI, section 2 and Article XI, section 3.
  1. Article VI, section 2. Annual Conference resolutions may originate from city officials, city councils, regional divisions, functional departments, or the League Board. Resolutions may also originate by being included in a petition signed by 10 percent of the designated voting delegates at the Annual Conference. The proposed amendment would change the process for non-petitioned resolutions by adding a requirement that at least five cities or city officials from five cities concur in the resolution.
  2. Article VII, section 16. League bylaws provide that a majority vote of approval by those voting is necessary for a decision, except as otherwise provided in the bylaws. The proposed amendment would add a new section that would provide that a two-thirds vote of those board members present is needed to take a position on a statewide ballot measure.

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