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A Different Perspective on Local-State Relations, League Launches New Communications & Outreach Assistance Program, and Strong Cities | Strong State

September 14, 2012

Don’t miss these articles in the September issue of Western City magazine.

  • Taking the Long View” — There’s no question that the past couple of years have been fraught with challenges for the cities of California. Most cities are grappling with the serious financial fallout from the governor’s and Legislature’s short-sighted elimination of redevelopment agencies and their diversion of vehicle license fee revenues that has deprived cities, especially our newest ones, of important general revenue. California’s fiscal woes and inability to balance its budget are profoundly impacting cities. In light of these challenges, it is natural to question whether relations with the state government have ever been this stressed. One way to answer that question is by examining how we arrived at this point and how today’s problems compare with those facing California’s cities in the past.
  • League to Launch a New Communications and Outreach Assistance Program” — Do your residents really know what is happening in their city? Do they fully understand the statewide and local challenges facing our communities and governing institutions? Communication and outreach are more than just webcasting the council meetings, taking public comments from a few residents or issuing a press release. To help cities address their communication and outreach needs, this fall the League is launching a comprehensive assistance program facilitated by the regional public affairs managers.
  • Strong Cities | Strong State Brings Home the Value of Cities and City Services” — If your city hasn’t been profiled yet on www.strongcitiesstrongstate.com/, don’t miss this great opportunity to get the word out about your city’s innovative initiatives and dedicated leadership. Participating in Strong Cities | Strong State helps your city connect its residents with valuable information. In addition, you’ll reach opinion leaders and your colleagues throughout California with insights on how your community has successfully tackled challenges.

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