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Now in Western City Magazine: The Future of Jobs in California; Green Economy Links Economic Development and Sustainability; Gonzales Grows Green with an Innovative Economic Program

May 18, 2012

Don't miss these articles in the May Issue of Western City magazine.

  • What Comes Next?” — Creating new, good-paying jobs in California is a goal shared by cities and state government. With the economy stuck in the slowest recovery in memory, everyone seems to be interested in job creation. In the wake of redevelopment agencies’ elimination by the state Legislature and governor, however, city officials and legislators are asking, “What comes next?” As state leaders ponder this essential question, city leaders know they don’t have the luxury of waiting. They are refocusing, identifying strategic opportunities and proposing ways to help the private sector make future investments through public-private partnerships that translate into good-paying jobs.
  • California's Green Economy Links Economic Development and Sustainability” — “The California core green economy reflected greater resilience than the California economy as a whole during the recent recession.” This conclusion from Many Shades of Green, an insightful 2012 report about California’s green economy, sheds light on how various segments of the economy are expanding or contracting in different regions of the state. Although this good news must be tempered by the fact that many communities still face significant fiscal and employment challenges, the report underscores the continued expansion in core green industries.
  • Gonzales Grows Green: An Innovative Economic Program” () — The Gonzales City Council has adopted a community sustainability initiative built around three principles: economic viability, environmental responsibility and social equity for all. The initiative is called Gonzales Grows Green, or G3. Increasing economic opportunity for local employers is a key focus. The city is home to many small businesses with few resources to invest in planning activities or community involvement. Larger businesses in Gonzales tend to have limited time for participating in community-based events. Consequently, city department heads and staff make regular visits to businesses as part of G3. Small businesses receive the same level of attention and assistance as larger ones.



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