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Department of Finance Urges Successor Agencies to Submit ROPS Before May 25

May 14, 2012

As the June 1 deadline looms for the distribution of property tax to fund enforceable obligations, the Department of Finance (DOF) has urged  successor agencies to submit or resubmit their Recognized Obligation Payment Schedule (ROPS) as quickly as possible.


In a series of discussions with DOF, the League emphasized the concerns and uncertainty that successor agencies were having with DOF’s process for reviewing ROPS submittals, and the apprehension that DOF review may not be completed prior to the June 1 property tax distribution date.

DOF represented that it is committed to timely review of ROPS submittals, and urged successor agencies to submit their ROPS and any additional documentation requested by the DOF’s auditors in sufficient time before May 25 when DOF intends to begin sending approved ROPS to county auditor-controllers for the June 1 property tax distribution. DOF further emphasized the need to promptly provide DOF auditors with any requested follow-up documentation, clarifications, and documentation.

Based on conversations with DOF, the League has prepared a Question & Answer paper that covers:

  • Summary rejection of ROPS;
  • Rejection of agreements between successor agency and city;
  • Appeals to DOF;
  • County audits;
  • Reserving disputed items for future appeal; and
  • Deadline for submitting and receiving approval of revised ROPS.

This paper is available on the League’s website.

The League will continue to engage DOF with respect to the ROPS submittal and approval process. The League has further sought clarification from DOF regarding the funding of ROPS items that remain in dispute as of June 1.

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