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Riverside Receives International Recognition as the 2012 Intelligent Community for Excellence in Digital Infrastructure

June 11, 2012

The Intelligent Community Forum (ICF) has named Riverside as the world’s Intelligent Community of the Year for 2012.


The award was presented during ICF’s annual ceremony last week at the Steiner Film Studios in Brooklyn, NY. Riverside Mayor Ron Loveridge, former League of California Cities president and former National League of Cities president, and Riverside Chief Information Officer Steve Reneker and Assistant City Manager Deanna Lorson were on hand to accept the award.

The award honors communities that have overcome challenges to set a global standard for the use of information and communications technology in building sustainable local prosperity and social inclusion in the 21st Century. Mayors, city managers, CIOs, and executives of leading technology companies from around the world, as well as academics and urban planners, are part of the Intelligent Community movement and were on hand throughout the three-day program.

Some of Riverside’s accomplishments noted by ICF include:

  • The city’s High Tech Taskforce, Riverside Technology CEO Forum and SmartRiverside programs;
  • The city’s fiber network to connect its operations as well as the University Research Park;
  • The free WiFi network, which now offers up to 1 Mbps service through 1,600 access points, and exploding demand has led multiple commercial carriers to deploy high-speed broadband across the city;
  • An array of award-winning e-government applications, from dynamic traffic management to graffiti tracking and removal;
  • The city’s College 311 program, a Web-based hub for educational social and community services, aims to double the number of Riverside youth who complete college;
  • Innovative efforts from a highly-acclaimed virtual secondary school to an Innovation Center offering incubation space, business acceleration and interaction with angel and venture investors. These efforts attracted 35 high-tech companies and established 20 tech start-ups;
  • The implementation of the city’s  digital inclusion program, using its free WiFi network, to provide technology training, free computers and software to all of the city's low-income families.; and
  • Project Bridge, which provides recycled IT equipment to 1,500 new families each year.

For ICF’s full press release please visit its website.

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