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Local Government Concerns Delay Drafting of Redevelopment Trailer Bill

Keep Up the Heat!

June 15, 2012

Thanks to the numerous city officials who have contacted their legislators, progress has been delayed on the development of redevelopment trailer bill language, because many Democrat legislators are now pushing in their caucuses for a redevelopment trailer bill that will work for the cities.


Some legislators have been using words like “balance” and “fairness” as they articulate what type of legislation they are seeking. These terms, obviously, do not match up with some of the aggressive and punitive provisions sought by the Department of Finance (DOF).

Redevelopment trailer bill language is still not available. The state, however, is desperate to score cash from redevelopment for its budget, and all negotiations between the Assembly and Senate Democrats are behind the scenes. 

The League opposed the aggressive proposal by DOF, released several weeks ago. For more please see, the May 18 issue of CA Cities AdvocateRDA and May Revise: DOF Draconian Proposal Unworkable.”  

The League submitted an initial set of draft amendments to the DOF language on May 30 at the request of Assembly Budget Subcommittee #4, which was circulated to cities for comment. The updated draft that incorporated comments from cities was submitted on June 7. The League’s latest draft amendments can be found on the League’s website in summary form or in its entirety.                               

The League thanks city officials for their work in educating their legislators over their issues and concerns with redevelopment dissolution.

The League continues to urge cities to do the following:

  • Explain to your legislator (or their staff) the specific problems your community has faced with the demise of your redevelopment agency, your experience with DOF, and what issues remain.
  • Ask that they hold off on voting for the trailer bill until they have a chance to understand how it will affect their cities.
  • Insist that any disputes should be handled with transparency, due process and fairness—not by making DOF judge and jury.
  • Ask them to oppose provisions that empower DOF to take your sales or property tax.   Besides the horrible precedent—explain what this could mean for your local budget and services.
  • Ask them to oppose efforts to attach new “Christmas tree” programs and conditions on provisions allowing for loan repayment, expenditure of bond proceeds or the ability to retain local assets and properties.

Other things cities can do:

  1. If your city has a contract lobbyist, ensure that this issue is their top priority.
  2. Notify any interest group or individual in your community that may share your concerns and ask them to also communicate with their legislators.
  3. Share your story with your local press.  Make sure your community knows what is at stake.

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