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League-Opposed Hot Bill AB 904 Held in Committee, Expected to Fail Deadline

July 3, 2012

Today, League-opposed hot bill AB 904 (Skinner), which would have prescribed a one-size-fits-all parking standard for most infill projects on a statewide basis, was pulled from the Senate Governance and Finance Committee by the author when it appeared that the bill lacked the votes.


The deadline to pass bills out of policy committees is July 6. With no further Senate Governance and Finance hearings scheduled before the deadline, AB 904 will likely not move forward this year.

AB 904 was gutted and amended in June in an attempt to revive last year’s AB 710 (Skinner). The bill was amended on June 27 to expand the parking standard from one parking space per 1,000 feet of nonresidential improvements to two parking spaces and to provide an “opt out” allowance for cities, however the amendments did not fully address the League’s concerns.

The bill was the subject of some editorial criticism from the author’s own district. Contra Costa Times called the bill a “poorly drafted,” “overly restricted, one-size-fits-all solution” that doesn’t make sense. 

In a press release issued this afternoon, the bill’s sponsors also stated “Next year’s version of AB 904 will give them [cities and counties] tools to grow much more sustainably and affordably without creating an onerous state mandate.”

The League wishes to thank the members of the Senate Governance and Finance committee who took the time to meet with League legislative staff and city officials from across the state and discuss the serious flaws in AB 904. Sixty letters of opposition were received for AB 904 thanks to the engagement of League members.

In preparation for this hearing, the League launched a coordinated effort through its regional public affairs program to ensure that city officials from the five of the nine Senate Governance and Finance committee members’ districts, including the committee chair, were represented during opposition testimony.

The League wishes to thanks those city officials who traveled to Sacramento to testify on the bill before it was pulled from the agenda.

Those city officials include:

  • League First Vice President and Pasadena Mayor Bill Bogaard
  • Colma Mayor Rachel Gonzalez
  • Colma City Manager Laura Allen
  • Fairfield Administrative Analyst and Special Projects Manager Dawn La Bar
  • Concord Mayor Ron Leone
  • Vacaville Vice-Mayor Curtis Hunt

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