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Bills on the Floor: Aug. 27-31

August 27, 2012

This is the last week of the Legislative session and many of the bills the League has been tracking in committees this year are on the Senate or Assembly floor awaiting action. The Senate convened at 12 p.m. today, while the Assembly met at 1 p.m.


City officials should continue to watch for action alerts on priority bills. As the final days of the session wrap up, the League will report on any last minute “gut and amends” as well.

Also this week, the Conference Committee on Public Employee Pension is scheduled to release its pension reform proposal. The committee is scheduled to meet Tuesday.

Floor sessions and most legislative hearings are available for online video or audio monitoring via the Cal Channel, the Senate and the Assembly websites. A full listing of all Senate and Assembly hearings is also available online. Hearing times are subject to change.

Monday, Aug. 27

Bills on third reading can be taken up at any time. Bills on second reading could still be amended and either taken up on the floor or referred back to a legislative policy committee.

On the Assembly Floor

Senate Third Reading File:

SB 1024 (Committee on Budget and Fiscal Review) Community Redevelopment. League position: Oppose Unless Amended. This bill is a former budget trailer bill and is identical to AB 1484, the redevelopment trailer bill. It is not anticipated that this bill will move forward.
SB 965 (Wright) State Water Resources Control Board and California Regional Water Quality Control Boards. League position: Support.
SB 1087 (Walters) Organized Camps. League position: Neutral.
SB 1387 (Emmerson) Metal Theft. League position: Support.
SB 234 (Hancock) Goods Movement Emission Reduction Program. League position: Support.
SB 843 (Wolk) Energy: Electrical Corporations: City of Davis PVUSA Solar Facility: Community Based Renewable Energy Self-Generation Program. League position: Support.
SB 1002 (Yee) Public Records: Electronic Format. League position: Neutral.
SB 1207 (Fuller) California Alternate Rates for Energy Program. League position: Support.
SB 1156 (Steinberg) Sustainable Communities Investment Authority. League position: Oppose Unless Amended.
SB 1162 (Runner) Animal Control: Tranquilizers. League position: Support.
SB 1222 (Leno) Solar Energy: Permits. League position: Oppose.
SB 214 (Wolk) Infrastructure Financing Districts: Voter Approval: Repeal. League position: Support.

Concurrence in Senate Amendments:

AB 801 (Swanson) Illegal Dumping Enforcement Officers and Code Enforcement Officers. League position: Neutral.
AB 1672 (Torres) Housing-Related Parks Program. League position: Support.
AB 685 (Eng) State Water Policy. League position: Oppose Unless Amended.
AB 2389 (Lowenthal) Contractor Disclosure Requirements. League position: Oppose.
AB 2451 (Pérez) Workers’ Compensation: Firefighters. League position: Oppose.
AB 2515 (Hall) Indian Gaming: Local Agencies. League position: Support.

On the Senate Floor

Second Reading File:

AB 542 (Allen) Land Use: Housing Element. League position: Removal of Opposition. Opposition Removed based upon Aug. 24 amendments.
AB 2031 (Fuentes) Probation: Community Corrections Program. League position: Oppose.
AB 890 (Olsen) Environment: CEQA Exemption: Roadway Improvement. League position: Support.

Third Reading File:

AB 41 (Hill) High-Speed Rail Authority: Conflicts of Interest: Disqualification. League position: Support.
SB 808 (Skinner) Workers’ Compensation: Hospital Employers: Presumption. League position: Oppose.
AB 1687 (Fong) Workers’ Compensation. League position: Oppose.
AB 781 (Pérez) Local Government: Counties: Unincorporated Areas. League position: Oppose.
AB 1203 (Mendoza) Public School Employee Organizations: Unelected Members: Paid Leaves of Absence. League position: Oppose.

Unfinished Business:

SB 1090 (Committee on Governance and Finance) Local Government: Omnibus Bill. League position: Support.
SB 1268 (Pavley) Energy: Energy Conservation Assistance. League position: Support.
SB 1303 (Simitian) Vehicles: Automated Traffic Enforcement Systems. League position: Neutral.

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