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Controller Updates Online Government Compensation Database

December 16, 2011
Information for the calendar year 2010 is now available on Controller John Chiang's website documenting salary, pension and other compensation for city and county employees. The update released on Wednesday, Dec. 14 includes data for 674,000 city, county and special district workers as well employees from the state of California, the University of California and the California State University systems. This week's update totals $48.8 billion.

In 2010, the Controller required local governments to provide salary and compensation information for both employees and elected officials and launched the online database late last year that compiled this information. For each position reported the website lists:

  • Minimum and maximum salary range;
  • Actual wages paid;
  • Applicable retirement formula;
  • Any contributions by the employer to the employee's share of the pension costs;
  • Any contributions by the employer to the employee's deferred compensation plan: and
  • Any employer payments for the employee's health, vision and dental premium benefits.

Last year, the League worked with Controller Chiang's office to develop the reporting form that cities, counties, and special districts are now required to submit as part of their annual financial reports. The League also worked diligently with Controller Chiang to ensure that all cities complied with these new requirements. This year, the League will be working to get the compensation information for cities that missed the reporting deadline submitted to the Controller.

The League is supportive of the Controller's database because we strongly believe that compensation information for public officials should be reported out of one central location, contain the same information for all public officials, and be reported out in a single format, so that apples-to-apples comparisons can be made.

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