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2018 Cal Cities Advocate

CA Cities Advocate: California city officials appointed to NLC policy committees

CA Cities Advocate: BCC sends regulations to OAL and California Supreme Court Hears Oral Argument in Pension Reform Case

CA Cities Advocate: League Establishes 2019 Strategic Priorities, 2018 Legislative Report is Available Online, League Submits Comments to CPUC for Wildfire Mitigation Plans

CA Cities Advocate: Legislators will briefly convene on Dec. 3, a new deadline to register for three League December conferences and a call for sessions on two League conferences in 2019

CA Cities Advocate: NLC Appoints Executive Director Carolyn Coleman to Housing Task Force, Submit Comments to CPUC for Wildfire Mitigation Plans, Pension Reform Case to be Heard Next Month

CA Cities Advocate Special Update: November 2018 Election Results, California Voters Protect Transportation Investments and Pass Housing Funding Measures

CA Cities Advocate: Get the Vote Out — tomorrow is Election Day, City Officials, League Executive Director join Governor for No on Prop. 6 Rally, Fireside Chat with Elon Musk and L.A. Mayor at NLC City Summit and more

CA Cities Advocate: Get Out the Vote, Complete the League's Member Survey and Submit Opposition on Cannabis Regulations by Jan. 5

CA Cities Advocate: Election Heats Up with No on Prop. 6 Rally and Yes on Prop. 1, Revised Regulations Ignore Cities' Concerns on Cannabis Deliveries and more, and 2019 City Managers' Conference registration now open

CA Cities Advocate: Report Confirms Prop. 6 Could Devastate Local Streets and Roads, 2019 League Annual Conference Call for Session Proposals and more

CA Cities Advocate: Recruting a new executive director to lead the Institute for Local Government

CA Cities Advocate: Find out how cities fared with the Governor's final action on bills in today’s CA Cities Advocate

CA Cities Advocate: Tell Your Road Impact Stories and Make A Difference

CA Cities Advocate: 2018 Annual Conference & Expo Coverage

CA Cities Advocate: Governor's Action Pending on Bills Effecting Cities

CA Cities Advocate: Sacramento Area Firefighters, Labor and Local Government Leaders Voice Strong Opposition to Prop. 6, CalPERS Board Election, Don't Let Wandering Weed Oerride Local Control, Annual Conference Opportunities

CA Cities Advocate: No on Prop. 6 event in San Jose and Yes on Props. 1 and 2 event in Sacramento highlight what's at stake for cities this November, Newly Added Priority Sessions at Annual Conference, League Testifies at Last BCC Hearing and more

CA Cities Advocate: Announcing Annual Conference November Election Panel, HCD Now has Authority to Revoke Housing Elements, Senate and Assembly Committees Decide Fiscal Measures

CA Cities Advocate: Mayor Cautions Proposed Changes to Utilities Liability for Wildfires are Likely Unconstitutional, Proposed Cannabis Regulations Thwart Intent of Voters Who Passed Prop. 64 with Strong Local Control Protections, Celebrate the League’s 120th Anniversary at the 2018 Annual Conference & Expo

CA Cities Advocate: Apply for $500 Million in Available Grants to Address Homelessness Crisis at Local Level, Learn from Leadership Expert Drew Dudley, Wildfire Conference Committee Holds Two Hearings and Update on Prop. 6 Coalition

CA Cities Advocate: Cities Have until Aug. 27 to Oppose New Cannabis Regulations that Undermine Local Authority to Ban Deliveries

CA Cities Advocate: Register for CTC's Upcoming Webinars on SB 1 Reporting and Submitting Process

CA Cities Advocate: Urge California’s Congressional Delegation to Oppose Federal Legislation that Puts Wireless Industry Profits over Public Interests

CA Cities Advocate: League board takes positions on ballot measures, register now to get the early bird rate for annual conference and more

CA Cities Advocate: Legislative Deals Struck Prior to Deadline to Pull Ballot Measures, U.S. Supreme Court Holds Agency Shop Fees Unconstitutional, Powering Up: League Adopts Three-Year Strategic Plan

CA Cities Advocate: Help Stop the Attack on Bridge and Road Safety and Take Action on Bills that Would Limit Local Voices in Land Use and Housing Decisions

CA Cities Advocate: ICYMI: The League's Analaysis of the FY 2018–19 State Budget, Governor Signs Water Conservation Legislation, U.S. Supreme Court's Decision in Janus v. AFSCME is Imminent

CA Cities Advocate: June Budget Analysis 2018

CA Cities Advocate: Special Edition: Deceptive Corporate Tax Trick Threatens Quality of Life in Cities, Jeopardizes Local Services

CA Cities Advocate: Budget Agreement Includes $500 Million in One-Time Funding for Local Governments to Address Homelessness, Misguided SB 1 Repeal Jeopardizes Over 5,000 Road Projects and Puts Californians' Safety at Risk, Annual Conference Resolutions Due

CA Cities Advocate: Voters Overwhelmingly Approve Transportation Funding Protections; Support Parks and water Infrastructure Investment, and Water Conservation Incentive

CA Cities Advocate:
Voting Yes on Propositions 68, 69 abd 72 Supports California Cities, Greater Funding Needed for Cities to Address California's Homelessness Crisis, Registration is Open for the League's 2018 Annual Conference & Expo

CA Cities Advocate: Bill that Threatens Fiscal Stability of Cities in JPAs among those Headed for Floor Vote this Week, SB 1 Funding is Enabling Cities, Counties and the State to Improve Roads, Voting Yes on Prop. 72 will Help California's Water Conservation Efforts

CA Cities Advocate: Press Events in L.A., San Diego and San Leandro Continue to Showcase How SB 1 Funding is Working to Improve Roads,  Legislators Urged to Appropriate Funding for Key Local Priorities, CalPERS Committee Postpones Taking A Position on League-Opposed AB 1912

CA Cities Advocate: Press Conference in Rancho Cordova Puts Spotlight on SB 1 Funded Projects in Sacramento Region, Governor Releases May Revise Budget, Funding for Disaster Preparedness Remains Top Budget Priority

CA Cities Advocate: League of California Cities Issues Analysis of Governor Brown's May Budget Revise

CA Cities Advocate: Ballot Measure Advocacy through CitiPAC, Support TCPW Bills and Provide Cities Tools, Resources and Flexibility, and Advocate for City Priorities in the State Budget

CA Cities Advocate: May 1 Deadline Approaching for SB 1 Project Lists, Coalition Forms to Oppose Big Soda and Corporate Special Interest-Backed Initiative to Decimate Local Services, Governor Brown Engages League Board in Policy Discussion and more

CA Cities Advocate: SB 827 Amendments Don't Solve the Bill's Problems, Support Prop. 69, Oppose AB 1912 that Jeopardizes Fiscal Stability of Cities in JPAs and Review the Upcoming Bills in Committee

CA Cities Advocate: Come to Sacramento on April 18 to Advocate for City Priorities, League LA Division President Urges Yes on Props. 68, 69 and 70 and Governor Urged to Direct Resources in Budget to Modernization of Emergency Preparedness Assets

CA Cities Advocate: Mill Valley Takes Top Recognition in 2018 Local Streets and Roads Awards, Bills in Committee April 3-30, Coalition Expands to Protect Historic Transportation Funds

CA Cities Advocate: New SB 1 Project Submission Portal, Support Parks and Water Funding, and Legislation to Assist Cities in Enforcing Local Ordinances and Building Codes

CA Cities Advocate: Support Proposed Reforms to Sober Living Facilities’ Regulations, Details on League Officer Meetings with Congressional Leaders and Info on how to Submit FY 2018–19 SB 1 Project Lists

CA Cities Advocate: May 1 deadline for SB 1 projects, housing legislation, coalition update

CA Cities Advocate: Housing bond, homelessness report released, League board takes action

CA Cities Advocate: League files brief in challenge to pension reform, SB 833 support, coalition update

CA Cities Advocate: CalPERS Board Reduces Amortization Policy, Broad Coalition Formed to Oppose Gas Tax Repeal Initiative Aimed for November 2018 ballot, State Controller's Office Releases Updated Guidelines Relating to Gas Tax Expenditures for Cities and Counties

CA Cities Advocate: City of Rialto Using SB 1 Funds for Active Transportation Plan, Stay Connected with the League of Social Media, Coalition Supporting Passage of Prop.  69/Opposing Any Effort to Repeal Transportation Funding Continues to Grow

CA Cities Advocate: SB 35 Determinations Issues; What's Next for Cities, 99.99 Percent of Cities Submit SB 1 Project Lists to CTC, Governor Proposes Rain Water Capture System Incentive Advances to Statewide Ballot

CA Cities Advocate: Proposition Numbers Released for June 2018 Ballot Measures, New Legislation SB 827 to Dramatically Alter Local Planning, the Gov's State of the State, and Governor Proposes Cap-and-Trade Expenditures and New Zero-Emission Vehicle Target

CA Cities Advocate:  Over 150 New City Officials Attended the Newly Elected Mayors and Council Members Training in Sacramento, Complete the League Membership Survey by Jan. 28, DOF Releases HUTA Estimates for FY 2018-19 Budget

CA Cities Advocate: League Supports Water and Parks Bond, Hundreds of City Officials in Sacramento this Week, Caucus Elects Sen. Toni Atkins

CA Cities Advocate: Budget Proposal Analysis

CA Cities Advocate: 2017 Annual Report, Updated SB 1 Press Kit, Federal Marijuana Enforcement Policy

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