League of California Cities

Municipal Revenue Sources Handbook

Fifth Edition

The California Municipal Revenue Sources Handbook, fifth edition, is an essential resource for any official involved in local government finance in California. It includes the most up-to-date information on local fees, taxes, charges, and intergovernmental revenue for local governments including laws, court decisions, state tax rates, and allocation formulas. 

The handbook includes:
  • Chapters on capital financing and cost recovery
  • A detailed guidance for calculating an agency’s Gann Appropriations Limit
  • Data, charts, and trends
  • Relevant history and issues
  • Legal references
  • Definitions of terms
The handbook is the definitive resource on municipal funding to help city officials navigate the complex world of municipal finance in California.

Hard copy ($35 CA city official, $45 Non city official)
Kindle edition ($9.99)
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