League of California Cities

Newly Elected Officials Packet

Congratulations on your recent election to city office! As a newly elected city official, you have been provided with both an incredible opportunity and a serious responsibility to serve your residents. The League of California Cities is here to help you meet these challenges. You are automatically a member of Cal Cities because your city, like other cities in California, is a member.

Cal Cities works with cities on common concerns through its regional division activities, policy committees, and the Mayors and Council Members Department. The Cal Cities regional public affairs managers facilitate the involvement of local officials and coalition partners in activities that support Cal Cities' advocacy work. Our legislative and legal staff are highly esteemed professionals, all of whom can be a great help to you as you look for ways to represent your city. We urge you to get to know them.

By being active in Cal Cities advocacy efforts, you can help shape efforts on behalf of all cities, and enhance contributions to all of our communities. Further, by attending various Cal Cities training programs and conferences, you will have many opportunities to meet and work with other officials, discuss common challenges, solve common problems, and share successes.

Besides the resources above, Cal Cities provides newly elected packets with the following information: 

Once again, we congratulate you on your recent election, and encourage you to take advantage of the available Cal Cities resources that will help you excel at your position. We hope to see you at upcoming Cal Cities functions.

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