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The Legislative Process in California

The legislative process in California is very complex. The following resources have been compiled to help our members understand the process by which bills become laws.

Helpful Tips for City Officials Lobbying the Legislature

The following publications offer tips and describe the process by which city officials engage legislators when lobbying for or against bills.

Legislative Resources

Visit Cal Cities legislative resources webpage for legislative staff contact information and issue areas, information about City Caucus, publications and presentations, annual legislative reports, and a summary of Cal Cities existing policy and guiding principles.

Legislative Process

Basic Overview of Legislative Process
The webpage provides the basic text description of the legislative process.

The Life Cycle of Legislation: From Idea to Law Flowchart
This complex flowchart shows each step a bill must take in order to pass through its house of origin into the second house and ultimately to the Governor's desk.

California State Assembly Legislative Process

California State Senate Legislative Process

Legislative Calendar
This calendar provides important deadlines and legislative recesses during the legislative process.

Legislative Terms

Legislator Contact Information
Find your Senator or Assembly Member using your address, search district maps, and find Senate and Assembly Rosters and websites.

Regulatory Process

Basic Overview of the Regulatory Process
Regular Rulemaking Flowchart

Basic Overview of the Emergency Regulatory Process
Emergency Rulemaking Flowchart

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