League of California Cities

Financial Solutions for California Cities

City Financing Programs:  CSCDA

Cal Cities provides various municipal and public benefit financing programs for cities, non-profits, manufacturers and other entities. These programs are available through the California Statewide Communities Development Authority (CSCDA), a financing authority sponsored by Cal Cities and the California State Association of Counties. 

City Investment Program:  CalTRUST

Cal Cities co-sponsors a statewide investment pool for California public agencies. Experienced local investment officers and finance professionals govern the Investment Trust of California-CalTRUST for short. CalTRUST invests in fixed income securities eligible for local agency investments pursuant to the provisions of the California Government Code. There are four pooled accounts within the program, short-term, medium-term, government fund, and money market, with increasing earnings expectations. Flexibility is one of the principal advantages of the CalTRUST pool.


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