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The League hosts City Caucus meetings, which include League lobbyists and contract lobbyists representing cities. During the legislative session, the City Caucus meets on the first Thursday of the month to discuss bills affecting cities. Participating lobbyists share information to ensure that the best results for all cities are achieved legislatively. For more information, please email Meg Desmond.

Legislative Team

Dan Carrigg, Legislative Director/Deputy Executive Director: Revenue and Taxation

Jason Rhine  Assistant Legislative Director: Housing, Community and Economic Development

Rony Berdugo, Legislative Representative:  Transportation, Communication & Public Works 

Bijan Mehryar, Legislative Representative: Governance, Transparency and Labor Relations

Derek Dolfie, Legislative Representative: Community Services; and Environmental Quality 

Charles Harvey, Legislative Representative:  Public Safety 

Meg Desmond, Legislative  and Policy Development Specialist

Johnnie Pina: Legislative Policy Analyst for Housing, Community and Economic Development; Revenue & Taxation; and Governance, Transparency and Labor Relations

Caroline Cirrincione: Legislative Policy Analyst for Community Services; Environmental Quality;  Public Safety; and Transportation, Communication & Public Works

Carly Shelby,  Legislative and Policy Development Assistant
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