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Legislative Platforms

Every year Cal Cities Legislative Team and Regional Public Affairs Managers engage in lobbying efforts at the state capitol on bills that are of critical importance to cities. Often times, Cal Cities will ask its members for support or opposition on bills of interest and cities need the ability to act quickly. As the Legislature increasingly acts through "gut and amend" legislation more cities are adding a Quick Response Protocol to their legislative platforms that authorize positions on these fast moving bills that could damage the city.

Many cities have developed a legislative platform to help them take quick action on top priority bills. Cal Cities has compiled a list of some of the sample legislative platforms adopted by cities. Cal Cities encourages your city to create a platform that will be helpful for your city to act on key legislation.

Please view the samples below. If you have a legislative platform that you would like to add to the list below, please contact your Regional Public Affairs Manager.

Sample Legislative Platforms by City

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