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With the California Supreme Court's ruling in California Redevelopment Association v. Ana Matosantos , city officials, redevelopment experts and other stakeholders are asking for information to help them understand the decision and dissolution process. This page contains a variety of resources and information related to redevelopment and will be continually updated as new developments occur.

The Sacramento County Superior Court issued a decision on Thursday, July 11, 2013 in League of California Cities v. Ana Matosantos.

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AB 1484

AB 1484 contains a comprehensive set of amendments to last’s years AB x1 26, the redevelopment dissolution bill. While some of the provisions may be viewed as helpful to local agencies, the League was forced to oppose the measure due to numerous provisions aimed at granting excessive powers to the Department of Finance, a lack of sufficient due process, and state authority to divert local sales and property tax to offset amounts under dispute.

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