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Housing affordability and homelessness are among the most critical issues facing California cities. Affordably priced homes are out of reach for many people and housing is not being built fast enough to meet the current or projected needs of people living in the state. Cities lay the groundwork for housing by planning and zoning new projects in their communities and cannot solve the housing crisis alone. When the state abolished redevelopment in 2011, it wiped out the only source of ongoing funding available to local governments to help spur affordable housing.

California cities are committed to being part of the solution to the housing shortfall across all income levels and is working collaboratively with all levels of government, the private sector, and non-profits to ensure  all Californians have a roof over their head.

Cal Cities Housing Production Proposal – Blueprint for more housing 2020

600x500-Blueprint-for-more-housing-2020-(1).png For more than a year, the League of California Cities has been proactively working with city leaders on solutions to the housing crisis. In February 2020, Cal Cities board of directors overwhelmingly supported a bold housing production proposal that, if fully implemented, will lay the foundation for the immediate production of much needed housing across all income levels. 
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