Coastal Cities Group (CCG)

The CCG was created by the League’s Board of Directors in November 2006 as a forum for cities within the coastal zone to discuss coastal issues and build a relationship with the California Coastal Commission.

To assist the Chair with fulfilling the goals of coastal cities, the Board created a leadership committee structure consisting of representatives from all over the state. Leadership Committee members, and their staff designees, help facilitate the operations of the CCG, play a key role in its activities, including building relationships with Coastal Commissioners and staff.

The CCG Leadership Committee consists of one elected official and their respective city manager, or their staff designee, from each of the six regions within the coastal zone.

If you wish to be more involved in the CCG, please subscribe to the Coastal Cities Listserv.  

Leadership Committee Members 2019

  • Chair - Councilmember Ed Spriggs, Imperial Beach
  • Vice Chair - Mayor Ed Waage, Pismo Beach
  • North Coast - Councilmember Heidi Messner, Eureka
    • Staff Designee - Greg Sparks, City Manager & Rob Holmlund, City Planner
  • North Central Coast - Vice Mayor Harvey Rarback, Half Moon Bay
    • Staff Designee - Bob Nisbet, City Manager 
  • Central Coast - Mayor Ed Waage, Pismo Beach
    • Staff Designee - Jim Lewis, City Manager
  • South Central Coast - Councilmember Jason Dominguez, Santa Barbara
    • Staff Designee -  George Buell, Community Development Director
  • South Coast - Councilmember Jill Hardy, Huntington Beach
    • Staff Designee - Antonia Graham, Assistant to the City Manager/Energy & Sustainability Projects Manager
  • San Diego - Councilmember Ed Spriggs, Imperial Beach
    • Staff Designee - Andy Hall, City Manager

League Staff Contact: Environmental Quality Legislative Representative, Derek Dolfie, and  Environmental Quality Policy Analyst, Caroline Cirrincione

CCG Work Plan

The CCG develops an annual work plan, subject to League Board of Directors approval, that establishes their priorities for the year. Below is a link to this year's CCG work plan:

CCG Leadership Committee Appointments 

Leadership Committee members are selected on an annual basis by the League President.  Members of the Leadership Committee will serve as a point of contact for the Commission for cities within their coastal region.

Additional information, including committee responsibilities, and the six coastal regions is available online. 

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