League Seeks Legislative Candidate Questionnaires

June 19, 2014
A new tool that the League has implemented this year is the candidate questionnaire. While the League does not endorse candidates, our members do, and it was the aim of this effort to give our members tools to better understand legislative candidates in their districts and their stances on issues important to cities. Questionnaire topics include local control, economic development, the state/local fiscal relationship, outsourcing, realignment and medical marijuana. The questionnaire can also be used beyond the election cycle to hold legislators, once elected, accountable.
Survey responses can be viewed at www.cacities.org/candidateviewpoints. If you know a candidate who is moving on to November who has not filled out a questionnaire, now would be a great time to encourage them to do so. You or your peers may be revisiting your endorsements after the June election and these may help you in your decision making.
For questions about the candidate questionnaires, please contact Bismarck Obando at 916-658-8273 or Bismarck@cacities.org.

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