Get Recognized for your Educational and Leadership Achievements

Submit Qualifications by July 25

June 19, 2014
The League recognizes Mayors and Council Members for their service and for taking part in continuing education through the Mayors and Council Members Leadership Academy. If you have recently explored the criteria and found that you could not qualify for the second level, Advanced Leadership, you may want to revisit the qualifications. Your service on League policy committees can now help you achieve the Advanced Leadership level.
To honor your achievements within the Academy, a recognition ceremony before your colleagues is held at the department meeting at the League’s Annual Conference and/or you may also choose to be recognized in your own city at an appropriate occasion and/or via a press release provided by the League. Upon completion of each level, you will be awarded an Academy Graduation Certificate and lapel pin.

Complete criteria are detailed here for the three levels of achievement: ‘Leadership,’ ‘Advanced Leadership’ and ‘Leadership in Action.’

Contact Sarah Cuneo, Conference Program Manager, for more information and to submit your qualifications. Please submit your qualifications by Friday, July 25.

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