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League of California Cities

Mayors and Council Members Officer Application

Earn Recognition for your Service and Continued Education through the Mayors and Council Members Torch Program

The League of California Cities® Mayors and Council Members Department honors the hard work and dedication of its peers through the Mayors and Council Members Torch Program. Each year, elected officials from throughout California earn recognition as they progress upward through three sequential levels of achievement:
  • Level I – Leadership;
  • Level II – Advanced Leadership; and
  • Level III – Leadership in Action.  
The Torch Program is an educational program for mayors and council members who are seeking continuing education to enhance their own knowledge and skills in order to better serve the public. The Torch Program is voluntary and achievements are self-reportable.

Mayors and Council Members who reach Advanced Leadership and Leadership in Action levels of the Leadership Academy are honored at the League’s Annual Conference with a certificate and torch lapel pin. The League can also arrange for recognition at your own city council meeting and/or via a news release.

Apply now and be recognized for your achievements. Contact Meghan McKelvey, Manager, Department & Membership Services, for more information or to submit your qualifications.

A list of Mayors and Council Members who have received recognition since 2003 can be found here: Leadership (Level 1), Advanced Leadership (Level 2) and Leadership in Action (Level 3).

© League of California Cities