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League of California Cities

California's Senior Advisors

The Senior Advisor program (formerly called Range Riders) was first established in California in 1974, making it the pioneering effort of its kind in the United States. Its purpose was and still remains, to make the counsel, experience and support of respected retired city managers available to active local government managers and administrators. The program is designed specifically to provide help to the practitioners with personal and professional problems and perplexing concerns that may be plaguing them.

All specific discussions taking place between the Senior Advisor and the city manager are in the strictest of confidence. The spectrum of topics for discussion may include such diverse issues as:

  • Problems with mayors, council members, and department heads; 
  • Overall management situations and quandaries; and
  • Other job-related concerns.

These dialogues may involve career development counseling, local controversies such as potential referenda on the council-manager plan, occupational hazards, career and lifestyle alternatives, or the uniqueness of just being the manager.

In addition, the Senior Advisor serves as an important link between different manager groups in the region in which he or she serves.

The Senior Advisor is a two-way communication channel to and from the League of California Cities and the International City/County Management Association (ICMA). The program is designed to supplement, not to take the place of, normal regular contacts between city managers and the League and ICMA. It is not intended to provide assistance to the practitioner in the more mundane aspects of his or her daily work; to provide, for instance, specific advice regarding particular legislative proposals, etc.

2015 Senior Advisor Roster
Senior Advisor Application
2015 Senior Advisor Guidelines

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