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League of California Cities

City Manager Area Groups

A cornerstone of the state-wide City Managers Department is the regional Area Manager Groups that consist of city managers and assistants who meet or communicate routinely for professional, training, networking and/or social purposes. In part, the Area Manager Groups represent the forums for detailed dialogue about state-wide and regional issues that may or may not be on the League of California Cities' agenda that affect cities, local control, local revenues and governance.

Each Area Manager Group chair or a designee of each Area Manager Group serves as a liaison between the City Managers Department Executive Board and Area Manager Group for policy matters of interest or importance to either the League or city managers. The liaison has a vote on the City Managers Department Executive Board and is expected to convey information between the state-wide and regional organization.

The information on this website is to assist the liaison in his/her role and serve as a resource to the Area Manager Groups. This website includes documents and information that represent best practices, useful tools, contact information and more to strengthen and benefit the City Managers Department and Area Manager Group connection.

Best Practices

Area Group Managers Representative Handbook

Model Area Manager Group Agendas

Model Area Manager Group Calendars

Model Area Manager Group Minutes

Model Area Manager Group Organizational Information

List of Area Manager Groups

Alameda County - Nelson Fialho, City Manager, Pleasanton,

Central Coast - Andrea Lueker, City Manager, Morro Bay

Central Valley - Greg Nyhoff, City Manager, Modesto

Contra Costa County - Steve Duran, City Manager, Hercules

Desert Mountain - Mike Pidegracz, City Manager, Hesperia

Gateway Cities - Ron Bates, City Manager, Pico Rivera

Humboldt/DelNorte - Phillip Smith, CAO, Humboldt County

Imperial County - Rom Medina, City Manager, Calipatria

Las Virgenes Malibu - Greg Ramirez, City Manager, Agoura Hills

Marin County - Michael Frank, City Manager, Novato

Monterey Bay - Carlos Palacios, City Manager, Watsonville

Napa County - Mike Parness, City Manager, Napa

Orange County - Matt Fertal, City Manager, Garden Grove

Riverside County - Randy Anstine, City Manager, Calimesa

Sacramento Valley - Kurt Starman, City Manager, Redding

San Bernardino County - Joe Hughes, City Manager, Highland

San Diego County - Clay Phillips, City Manager, Escondido

San Gabriel Valley - Jeffrey Allred, City Manager, Rosemead

San Mateo County - Greg Scoles, City Manager, Belmont

Santa Clara County - Vacant

Solano County - Dan Keen, City Manager, Vallejo

Sonoma/Mendocino - Vacant

South Bay - Artie Fields, City Manager, Inglewood

South San Joaquin - David Elias, City Manager, Fowler

Ventura County - Rob Clark, City Manager, Ojai

Westside - Paul Arevalo, City Manager, West Hollywood

Yolo County - John Donlevy, City Manager, Winters

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