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  • 2021 City Manager Award Applications


    The League of California Cities’ City Managers’ Department annually presents three prestigious awards honoring distinguished members of the department. Please submit your applications by Jan. 7, 2021.


    2021 Student Scholarships

    The League of California Cities City Managers' Department will provide a select number of scholarships to Masters of Public Administration graduate students in California who wish to attend the City Managers' Conference held in early February 2021. The scholarship (value $1,000) will cover the cost of full conference registration. 

    Those interested in applying should complete their application and essay online before 5p.m. on Tuesday, Jan. 5, 2021.

    The following information is required and a confirmation email will be sent once your completed application has been received:

    • Applicant Information
    • A 300-500 word essay about why you are interested in local government
    • Short Resume

    For questions regarding the scholarship, please contact Meghan McKelvey at mmckelvey@cacities.org or (916) 658-8253.

    City Managers Department Video

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    OPEB Resource Guide

    As health care costs continue to rise, many local governments that promised healthcare benefits to their employees during retirement are facing a new financial crisis. These generous benefits, known as Other Post-Employment Benefits (OPEB), have created a massive unfunded liability estimated to be in the trillions of dollars when aggregated nationwide.

    Given the growing unfunded liabilities for retiree healthcare and their impact on other public spending priorities, the League of California Cities’ City Managers’ Department established a task force of city managers, finance directors and other key staff to assess the OPEB problem, educate member cities and develop strategies to address retiree health benefits.

    The task force has prepared a How-To Guide to help cities understand the OPEB issue, its costs, possible funding strategies and cost-containment methods that can be implemented to reduce future liabilities.  Understanding that each city is unique, the How-To Guide offers a variety of practical approaches and case studies so communities may find their own blend of best practices and solutions to addressing their OPEB problem.

    Cal Cities' OPEB Task Force encourages everyone in local government to read the How-To Guide and to become more informed about the mounting cost of retiree health benefits and the threat it poises to the fiscal sustainability of local governments throughout the nation. 

    Click here for the How-To-Guide  

    New City Manager Welcome Packet

    This packet contains useful resources and information about Cal Cities.
  • The purpose of the City Managers Department is to:

    • Promote the purposes and goals established in the League of California Cities Constitution and Bylaws;
    • Serve as a technical and advisory Department to the League of California Cities;
    • Strive for the continued acceptance and advancement of city management through professional accomplishment and ethical standards as embodied in the ICMA Code of Ethics.
    • Seek the personal development and enrichment of its members through the promotion and conduct of conferences, seminars, and related training or communication methods; and
    • Represent the International City Management Association as their official statewide organization unit and to maintain close liaison and working relationships with ICMA.


    2020-2021 Department Officers

    President  – Steve Rogers, Town Manager, Yountville
    President Elect  –  John Gillison, City Manager, Rancho Cucamonga
    1st Vice President – Eric Figueroa , City Manager, Martinez
    Immediate Past PresidentReva Feldman, City Manager, Malibu
    Department Director – Jim Lewis, City Manager, Pismo Beach

    At-Large Representatives
    Southern CA under 100,000 Population – Thaddeus McCormack City Manager, Lakewood
    Southern CA over 100,000 Population – Kim Summers,  City Manager, Murrieta
    Northern CA under 100,000 Population – Reina Schwartz, Asst. City Manager, San Pablo
    Northern CA over 100,000 Population – Leyne Milstein,  Asst. City Manager, Sacramento

    Terms are for one year, ending in September, except the director and at-large representatives, who serve two-year terms.

    Policy Committees

    Appointed by the department president, each department has at least one representative on each of the Cal Cities’ standing eight committees that can provide technical information to the committee as a whole to ensure that the department has a voice in the decision-making process, and make recommendations to the board of directors on legislative and policy issues.
    Visit the Cal Cities’ Policy Development webpage to view upcoming meeting information, listed committees, and meeting agendas.

    2020 Policy Committee Representatives

    Community Services – 
    Environmental Quality – Niroop Srivatsa, City Manager, Lafayette
    Governance, Transparency and Labor Relations –
    Housing, Community & Economic Development – Alex McIntyre, City Manager, Ventura
    Public Safety – Sean McGlynn, City Manager Santa Rosa
    Revenue & Taxation – Eric Levitt, Simi Valley City Manager
    Transportation, Communication & Public Works – Dennis Wilberg, City Manager, Mission Viejo

    For more information about the appointment process, please contact Meg Desmond.

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