City Attorney Papers Database/Amicus Filings

The City Attorneys’ Department Library consists of City Attorney Papers prepared for the department’s Spring and Annual Conferences during the past ten years as well as some department special events and webinars. The Library also houses a limited number of city attorney opinions on various topics. In addition, the Library includes amicus briefs and letters filed on Cal Cities' behalf through the Legal Advocacy Program.

The papers and opinions in the Library are provided for general information and are not intended to be legal advice. Individuals accessing these materials should seek the advice of an attorney when confronted with legal issues and all attorneys should perform an independent evaluation of the issues raised in the materials. If you would like to include a document in the Library, or are unable to locate a document, contact for assistance.

Library Search Tips:

Documents can be searched by keyword(s) in the title or text, similar to most search engines. Searching for a conference paper by its naming convention is also effective.

Most conference papers were uploaded and saved using the following naming convention: month [(m) followed by a period (".")] year (yyyy) Conference Name ";" Author's Last Name - Paper's Title. The following were also used for conference names: "Spring" for Spring Conference, "Annual" for Annual Conference, and "Cont. Ed." for other Continuing Education events. For example, a paper presented by Jane Smith at the 2010 spring conference would be listed in the database as follows: 5.2010 Spring; Smith - Prosecutorial Ethics. We recommend searching for papers using the naming convention when possible if you know the correct year and author. Otherwise use a keyword search.

To search for all papers from a particular conference, use the following keywords: the month and year of the conference, separated by a period ("."), followed by the name of the conference. For example, for all 2010 annual conference papers, use "9.2010 Annual".