Continuing Legal Education - Webinars

Strategies for Addressing Homelessness: Policies and Enforcement Issues (8/28/19)

The Constitutional Limitations on Regulating the Use of Public Space: A Scenario Based Discussion  (2/28/19)

Next Steps for Cities After Janus and SB866 

Municipal Elections: From Start to Finish (3/1/18)

Housing Elements and Housing Approvals: Get Ready for Change on January 1, 2018! (11/1/17)

Public Records Practice After the San Jose Decision (7/20/17)

Providing Conflict of Interest Advice: From Basic to Advanced (2/23/17)

How Your City Can Survive and Thrive After a Disaster (7/20/16)

Sign Regulation in the Wake of Reed v. Town of Gilbert (2/24/16)

Workplace Investigations - A Practical Approach for City Attorneys (7/29/15)

Land Use 101 (2/18/15)

Police Civil Liability Issues Under State and Federal Law (7/23/14)

Addressing Violence in the Workplace:
A Guide to the Workplace Violence Safety Act (2/26/14)

Anti-SLAPP and Section 1021.5 Motions (7/18/13)

Realignment Impacts and Deadly Weapons in the Community (2/13/13)

Skelly Process Pointers (7/11/12)

Pitchess Motion Fundamentals (2/28/12)

Public Works Contracts in a Tough Economy (7/12/11)

Proposition 26 Update (4/6/11)

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